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Trailer Winch

We are leading suppliers of trailer winches (ATV and UTV) in the UK. Keeping safety as a priority, these versatile trailer winches are tested under different conditions and certified under several standards. Also, they are available with ATV remote and designed with watertight 4 pin connection for the effective use of ‘Plug and Play’ wireless.

Advanced Features of Trailer Winches

Bishop are one of the leading distributors of durable ATV winches developed with advanced features. We provide top-class electric trailer winches which are specifically designed for pulling heavy loads and objects with complete user protection. With multiple uses and types, UTV winches are catergorised on the basis of weight bearing capacity and efficiency of the engine. These versatile trailer winches are light-weight and easy to use without any external effort. We always ensure safety with quality regarding our products and thus, every electric trailer winch we supply has passed through quality testing.

Significant Uses of Trailer Winches

  • Used for dragging UTV or large ATV vehicles successfully from difficult locations like pits and holes. As the loading strength of these easy-to-operate winches relies upon the efficiency of motor and gears, these electric winches are well-tested on the basis of performance and bearing power.
  • All trailer winches come complete with a heavy duty clutch, steel made gears and non-rusting contractors. The complete body of these portable winches feature chip resistant paint.
  • Maintenance is required due to the compact size and light-weight of these winches. A heavy duty roller fairlead is available for towing any vehicle with a strong and adjustable cable.
  • These UTV winches are also designed with a full load holding brake system for smooth and comfortable usage.

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