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Electric Winches

12V/24V Electric Winch:

Electric winches are mainly used to tow or drag heavy objects like cars, trucks, boats or cranes which are trapped in the difficult locations. Bishop are known as one of the largest electric winch suppliers in the UK with an extensive range of products. We have wide range of electric winches like 12v electric winch, 24v winches and more. These winches are extremely durable, user-friendly, and are offered with extremely large pulling capacities.

Warrior Electric Winches: Extensive Range – Choose a Warrior Winch For Heavy Duty Applications

These multipurpose Warrior winches are from a renowned brand which is known for designing winches of the highest quality. From household jobs to heavy duty work, these portable winches are developed to meet the requirements of the global market.

Features Included in Warrior Electric Winches

  • Warrior electric winches are designed to effortlessly steer heavy vehicles and objects. An Electric Winch comes in a huge variety capacities and are available in various voltages.
  • They are designed to perform pulling applications safely and efficiently. Warrior winches are capable of performing a vast array of different pulling applications. Available in 12v and 24v.
  • The process of dragging the desired object is based on the spool and engine of the Warrior 24V electric winch. Firstly, the cable of the winch is attached to the object or vehicle and the opposite force is applied on the gear levers. As the spool winds around, the action of towing commences.
  • These versatile electric winches are developed using advanced technology for maximum efficiency. They can bear an extended load starting from 500 pounds to 40 tons. Moreover, the efficiency of the motor and thickness of the cable may vary according to the loading capacity
  • Automatic brake and handheld wireless remote controls are notable features of these portable winches and trailer winches.

Tough Entry Level Winches for Limited Space

Our online store stock Spartan Series 24v electric winches and 12v electric winches that hold around 8000 lb to 12000 lb capacity. These warrior winches give the best value for money and possess eminent features such as

  • galvanised steel cable,
  • clevis hook,
  • heavy-duty battery leads,
  • gloss paint finish with chip resistance, and
  • weather-sealed solenoids.

Warrior Winch – Premium Winches

The variety of premium winches at our store is Samurai 12v electric winch and 24v winches with 9500 lb to 20000 lb capacity. The notable features of these powerful electric winches are

  • double-sealed drum,
  • efficient planetary gearing of full steel,
  • aluminium fittings,
  • motor with brass fittings, and
  • heavy-duty waterproof contractors.

Get Best Quality Warrior Electric Winches:

There are variety of electric winches available in the market. They vary hugely in price. However, quality and safety are assured with the Warrior brand. It has been established as one of the leading brands in Europe, producing winches with capacities ranging from 1 tonne to 50 tonnes. Moreover, these electro-automated winches come with one year warranty and you can register for the free lifetime Warrior winch warranty here.

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