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Go through our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions as well as Cookies Policy thoroughly. Our legal policies are represented as the website owner while yours are as a website’s visitor.

Your use of our site assures that you abide by these terms of use as these are applicable on your initial visit to the site, and that you consent to comply with them. We reserve all rights to modify them anytime, so we advise you to review them frequently.

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You consent to use the website only for legal purposes, in a way which does not infringe, restrict or inhibit the rights of any third party to use this website, or otherwise intrude the rights of third parties.



“Bishop” is also known as “Bishop Lifting Services (Wales) Ltd.” and registered under Company No. 01641631. It has registered offices at The Sling Centre, Rhymney River Bridge Road, Cardiff CF23 9AF.

“Website” called“” and all of the pages incorporated on that domain.

“Yours”, “your” and “you” implies the person or people who access the website.

“Our”, “we”, and “us” stands for our firm only.

“Material” counts for any kind of information that may be logos, trademarks, links, graphics, photographs, data, programming code, or any other content uploaded, carried or existing on this site.


Material On This Site

The content available on the website for the visitors is meant for informational use only. We will not be accountable for the reliability or accuracy of any data uploaded on this site, and to trust on it, is your own responsibility. We may amend the data of our website at any point in time without prior intimation. Content available on this website may be out of date or contain typographical or any other errors. We do not make any commitment to revise this material and it is not expected to form the basis of professional advice.

We, along with other third parties mentioned on this website do not take any responsibility for how you as a visitor will use information given on the site.



We, and any other party associated with us, indulged in producing, creating, delivering or maintaining the website, do not undertake the liability for

  • any sort of damage or loss (including without restraint any indirect, direct, consequential or punitive damage or loss)
  • any loss of data, use of money, contracts, profits, income, goodwill, or loss or damages emerging or associated in any way to business interference

whether in tort (including without contract, limitation negligence, or otherwise) in association with your use, inability of using or the results of using the website, other websites connected to the website or its material on such type of websites.

This includes, not restrictively:

  • damage or loss because of the viruses that might cause infection in your software, data, computer equipment or any other property.
  • similar kind of harm and loss that exist because of the use of, or downloading any stuff or browsing the site or or any other websites associated with the website.

You assume all expenses in case your use of this website leads to repair, servicing or rectification of your software, data or equipment.

In the mentioned Terms and Conditions nothing shall limit or exclude our accountability for personal injury or death caused by fraud, misrepresentation, or negligence as to a fundamental affair.


Copyright Information

All logos, trademarks, images, graphics, photographs, videos, text, animations and software used on the website stand as our intellectual property. You may only go for displaying, printing, reproducing and using this material only for your personal use. Without our written agreement, you might not use, copy, download, modify, print, display, retrieve, sell or hire such content.


Links leading Off This Site

We proffer links to other sites for information purposes only. It is beyond our reasonable control to authenticate the content of such kind of sites. We are not accountable for the material uploaded on other websites, documents, pages or any other resources related to our site or accounts of social media.

It is at your own risk to follow links of other websites. You are solely responsible to take preventive measures for protecting your data from destructive elements, viruses or disturbing stuff available on other sites.


Linking To This Site

We welcome links to this website and to the material and information hosted on these pages. You do not have to ask our permission to link to this website, but we reserve the right to use which asks Google to ignore any links to our site that we consider to be inappropriate, spammy, low-quality or which will otherwise damage our ranking and reputation.


Website Access

We do our best to ensure that the site is available 24X7, but 100% uptime cannot be guaranteed. We shall not be held liable if the website is not working at any point of time for any reason, like maintenance, repair, system failure and any other factor above our control may cause the suspension of the website without notice.


Website Users

This website has been structured in conformance with the UK laws as well as international accessibility standards. We cannot assure compliance of any material incorporated in it will be appropriate or in compliance for use in outside countries and jurisdictions.

Your intentions must not be in the way to deceive any person, and should not include any defamatory, offensive, obscene, inflammatory, threatening or sexually explicit stuff.

Your offerings should not influence any discrimination or violence as per the gender, religion, nationality, race, sex, age, disability or sexual orientation of any person.

You should not imitate any person, or manipulate your original identity or association with any organisation, regulatory body or a person in such manner which can misguide the readers of your contributions to this site.


Failure To Comply With These Terms

Violation of these terms or inability to abide by these terms may lead to any of the described actions:

  • Instant, temporary, delayed or lifetime cancellation of rights to use this website
  • Sudden, delayed, temporary or lifelong withdrawal of any kind of data published by you on the website or to the forums
  • Warning issue against you;
  • Any kind of information disclosed to law enforcement authorities which we feel reasonably crucial.

We forbid liability for the actions taken due to breaches of this agreeable use policy. This actions index is not exclusive, and we might take some other relevant actions that seem appropriate to us.


Privacy And Data Protection

We are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy. To know more about how we do this, please go through our Privacy Policy and information about the cookies we use on this website.


Compliance With Disability Discrimination Legislation

This site is in compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and works vigorously to match up with the Website Accessibility Initiative (WAI) guidelines, published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a consortium of 385 organisations who guide and educate about internet technologies’ standards. For further information, explore accessibility statement mentioned on our website.

If the website cannot be accessed or you have any issues in its use, let us aware about the same so we can resolve the issue. You are also free to specify any site with accessibility problems to Fix the Web, a website meant to enhance internet access for the disabled users.

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