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Lifting Equipment Services Bespoke


The name of Bishop is renowned for providing outstanding lifting equipment services in the UK. We supply the best quality lifting equipment and safety gear with complete certification and quality guaranteed. Our top class lifting equipment services are reliable and reasonably priced. At Bishop, we possess a dedicated staff of engineers possessing high levels of technical knowledge with more than 150 years of experience between them. Our team is also highly qualified through the Lifting Equipment Engineer’s Association (LEEA).

We not only supply lifting equipment but can also inspect, test, repair and arrange for the fabrication of bespoke lifting solutions. If you have a lifting problem you need solving then our team will be able to find or make a solution to suit. Our lifting equipment services are utlised by household names such as the Royal Mint.

General Lifting Equipment Services


At Bishop, our well-trained and experienced engineers conduct regular lifting inspections with the client having the option to utilise RFID technology. As the inspection process is executed, a RFID chip is attached to the equipment and the complete details of the inspection are contained on it. For ease of access to documentation, all inspection details are accessed through our online portal, regardless of whether RFID is used or not. The primary advantage of RFID however is the long term saving in inspection time, saving clients money. With our lifting equipment services, the clients can easily check out and print the test certificates effortlessly no matter where they are in the world thanks to our cloud based portal.


Our customers have the utmost trust in our lifting equipment services due to our engineer’s qualifications, amount of experience and our full membership of the LEEA. Our staff can conduct thorough examinations both at our premises or on site.

Repairs & Testing

At Bishop, we provide lifting equipment services governed by the rules specified by the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998). Following the major rules applied under LOLER together with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER).

  • The owner of any company or industry that deals with hoisting equipment is responsible for conducting revised testing and repair of those products under the safety rules. The companies and individuals who own and operate lifting equipment are placed under LOLER obligations.
  • For ensuring safety while lifting or hoisting loads, suitable arrangements must be made under the supervision of experts.
  • Under LOLER, the equipment used for carrying out heavy duty tasks must be adequate according to the type and weight of the load. Moreover, the equipment must be tested and examined properly before usage.
  • All records and details regarding the lifting equipment must be kept and maintained by the person who is responsible.

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