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We suggest you to go through the privacy policy of this website in detail, as you agree to stick to the guidelines by using our website. Keep checking the website frequently as we may update our terms without prior notice. We shall not be accountable if any kind of data used in this policy gets outdated.

You are legally guaranteed to know whether we hold your individual data fairly, securely and lawfully, what type of details about you is carried and how we make use of it. Please look our terms and conditions for more info about our company and the contract you agree to access this site. More details about our cookies usage can be read in our cookies policy.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information can be stated as any type of information that can be used to communicate with you or to recognize you, like your name, contact number, email Id and IP address. Technically, it can be treated as the details of any human being, either identified or identifiable.


From Where do We Get Your Personal Details?

We might gather and preserve the data which you provide via filling any type of form on our website, or through some other sort of communication with us, via email or anything else. We may also get and keep the data by default when you connect with our website, like your browser type, IP address, and whether you’re browsing our website on a mobile device or not. For more details, visit our cookies policy.


How Do We Use Your Individual Info?

We utilize your personal data to serve you with the details you’ve asked. Your personal information may also used for administrative purposes, like to make you aware of any sort of update in our services.

We hold the authority to unveil your personal details if we ever are in such circumstances where we are lawfully bound to.

We might make use of your individual data to forward you email and other information including newsletters and information about our services which might be useful for you.

We also make use of IP addresses and similar sort of personal information to identify you when you reach or come back to the website. Keeping track of such anonymous content enables us to interpret how the visitors communicate with our website. This certainly assists us to improve the website’s performance, delivery and layout. To know more about the reason and process for this, read our cookies policy.


How Do We Safeguard Your Personal Info?

Your privacy is a serious concern for us and to keep it secure is our utmost priority. We take relevant actions to safeguard your personal information from misuse, unauthorised access, loss, alteration, destruction and disclosure, but we cannot guarantee 100% secure data transfer. You are solely responsible for transferring data to us.

We take into serious account that email and other electronic communication channels, if not encrypted, are not safe. Also, your conversations might go through servers in various countries’ jurisdictions before reaching us. We cannot accept liability for any sort of illegal access or personal information loss that generates because of a reason which is beyond our limits. Moreover, we cannot be treated guilty for the doings or exclusions of third parties who might use your personal information in an unlawful manner, if it is gathered illegitimately from this website.


What Rights Do You Get?

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you are allowed to access the information that we carry about you. If you’d want to know further about your rights, kindly visit the site of the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Feel free to contact us with your concerns or queries.

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