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Renfroe Lifting Clamps in Stock Now!!!

Friday 27th May 2016
Renfroe Lifting Hoists

Renfroe Lifting Clamps

Bishop are proud to have been named the exclusive UK distributors of J.C.Renfroe & Sons and can supply the whole range of Renfroe lifting clamps. Renfroe are renowned for manufacturing some of the highest quality lifting clamps in the world. Renfroe invented the lifting clamp and the new L, LA, LP and LPA clamps are now in stock and available for next working day delivery.

Renfroe Lifting Clamps

The Model L, LA, LP & LPA Renfroe Clamps

The models L, LA, LP, and LPA have a locking feature that enables them to stay open or remain closed. This locking feature helps in putting the clamp on the plate and taking it off.

The LA and LPA have an additional lock built into them. Because of this feature, the LA and LPA clamps are recommended for turning a plate 180°, or from flat to vertical to flat again through a 180 degree arc.

This additional lock keeps the clamp from opening up after it has been locked down until a button on the side of the handle has been pressed.

Model LPA incorporates a pivoting shackle that permits side loading of the lifting shackle at 100 percent of rated capacity from vertical to 30 degrees, 75 percent of rated capacity between 30 and 45 degrees, and 50 percent of rated capacity between 45 and 90 degrees.

Renfroe Lifting Clamps

More up time. Less down time.

Reliability equals safety equals less downtime and more continuous workflow – any place where you need to lift, shift and move big weights. Be assured that all Renfroe lifting clamps have to outperform the specification they were designed to meet; a solid fact that holds firm. That’s why it’s safe to say Renfroe products last longer.


Please see the below comparison sheet which illustrates the exceptional performance of Renfroe lifting clamp and huge number of cycles they are capable of compared to competing products. This validates Renfroe’s position as the finest clamp manufacturer on the planet.


Renfroe Lifting Clamps

Renfroe Lifting Clamps

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