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Caldwell Dura-Lite beams – the future of lifting equipment

Monday 27th June 2016
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Caldwell Dura-Lite beams – the future of lifting equipment

Bishop would like to introduce Caldwell’s Dura-Lite range of composite lifting and spreader beams. We are proud to hve been named exclusive UK distributors for Caldwell products. Read below and see for yourself the vast benefits of these composite beams over their Steel counterparts, the future of lifting equipment has arrived and it’s green!!!!!

Feel free to contact us if you would like to become a distributor of Caldwell beams or require any additional information.

Caldwell Dura-Lite Lifting Beams and Spreader Beams

Dura-Lite composite lifting beam and spreader beam features:

  • Lightweight – a fraction of the weight of steel equivalents
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  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Conductive
  • Can be used for a wide range of applications
  • Lifting beams standard capacities range from 1/4 ton to 3 tons
  • Custom Dura-Lite lifting beam design available
  • Amazingly strong and impact resistant
  • Lifting beams, spreader beams and adjustable beams in stock and available immediately.

Dura-Lite beams have been…

  • Chemical tested
  • Temperature tested
  • Cycle tested

Composite Lifting Beam Advantages

Caldwell Dura-Lite equipment offers many advantages to a variety of applications and industries.

  • Composite material is not detected by radar, ideal for military applications
  • Lightweight composite beams do not reduce crane capacity as much as the steel equivalent
  • Each lifting beam is manufactured out of non-conductive materials, making them ideal for use in the utility industry
  • Marine applications and other harsh environments are no match for the non-corrosive properties of Caldwell composite beams.
  • Dura-Lite beams are the lightweight, ergonomic solution needed to help reduce work related injuries.
  • Custom lifting beam design available.
  • Service Class 4 means that these lifters are designed for 2 million load cycles – that’s 30 years of lifting at 200 lifts per day!
  • Many Dura-Lite beams are in stock and available for next day dispatch saving customers time and money normally spent on lengthy design and manufacturing time!

lifting beam, lifting beams, lifting beam design, spreader beams, spreader beam


DURA-LITE™ Beams are half the weight of steel beams, yet strong enough for your toughest lifting jobs!


Years of development by Caldwell’s engineers allow us to bring the latest technology to the lifting industry. Our patent pending Dura-Lite™ products provide new capabilities with strong lightweight materials.

Dura-Lite™ lifting and spreader beams incorporate the same composite technology being used in today’s Aerospace, Automotive and Construction industries. Our products are constructed using the latest composite and bonding technology providing a high strength to weight ratio.

Caldwell’s Dura-Lite™ engineering and fabrication technology has been proven through extensive internal and external testing.  Third-party cycle and environmental tests, internal destructive tests, and customer trials all prove that Dura-Lite™ beams are, pound for pound, the strongest lifting technology available today.

 See Dura-Lite lifting beams in action below:

The Dura-Lite spreader Beam was recently utilised by the US Navy for testing a drone. The composite material within Caldwell lifting beams is undetectable by Radar and for this reason steel beams were not adequate.

The Caldwell Group (Rockford, Illinois) partnered with Certex Lifting Products (Houston, Texas) to engineer and manufacture a lifting system to support the U.S. Navy’s Triton MQ-4C Drone development. The system was used in the NAS Patuxent River Anechoic Chamber during two months of specialized testing.

Certex was awarded the project in late 2014 and immediately partnered with Caldwell because of the recently released, and patent pending, Dura-Lite™ Composite Lifting and Spreader beam product line. There are many advantages to utilizing composite materials in below the hook lifting, it is lightweight, non-conductive and non-corrosive. The testing in the Anechoic Chamber required a material that did not interfere with the electromagnetic testing. Dura-Lite™ products were the ideal solution.

Caldwell manufactured the main lifting beam, spreader beams and wing cradles. Certex provided shackles and manufactured the slings for the lifting system. All sub-assemblies were tested at Caldwell’s new 84,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and then shipped to Patuxent River for use.

Caldwell personnel were on site in August 2015 for the system installation and initial testing. “It was very exciting to be on site for the initial lift and an honor to support the U.S. Navy in this project” said Dan Mongan, Product Development Specialist and lead designer of the Dura-Lite™ product line. Watch the lifting of the US drone below.

Custom lifting beam and spreader beam design

If you require a Dura-Lite lifting or spreader beam designed to your specific requirements then Caldwell have you covered. Caldwell’s in house design team will design and manufacture Dura-Lite beams to your exact specifications so no matter what your lifting requirements are there is no need to commission an inferior steel lifting beam. A lifting beam design from Caldwell will give all the benefits of the Dura-Lite product range at a comparable price to custom steel beams.

To learn more about Caldwell products click here.

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