Raptor SF

Raptor Fixed Load Moving Skates

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Capacities range from 1 ton to 6 tons.

Pleas note prices are for individual skates!

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Raptor manufacture high quality load moving skates at affordable prices. All Skates come complete with a certificate of conformity.

Model Capacity Rollers Size Weight
SF10 1,000Kgs 4 Nylon 320x220x120mm 7Kgs
SF20 2,000Kgs 8 Nyon 330x220x120mm 8Kgs
SF25 2,500Kgs 2 Nylon 210x100x105mm 4Kgs
SF30 3,000Kgs 4 Nylon 330x300x120mm 9.5Kgs
SF60 6,000Kgs 6 Nylon 260x230x105mm 12Kgs