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Yale Lever Hoist Unoplus 750kg to 6000kg

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The Yale Lever Hoist Unoplus: Economy Ratchet Lever Hoist

The Yale Lever Hoist UNOplus is a versatile ratchet lever chain hoist designed for pulling, lifting, and lashing of loads. Its features include a compact design, robust stamped steel construction, and a favourable price / efficiency ratio. The unit is also very lightweight and comes complete with a free chaining device as standard that serves to quickly attach the load or to pull the chain through the hoist in both directions. As with all Yale products you know you are getting lifting gear of the highest quality. 6 ton lever hoist, 3 ton chain lever hoist and 9 ton versions available.

Further technical development turns the ratchet lever hoist into the successor of our proven UNO model. The versatile tool for lifting, pulling and securing of loads is characterized by its compact design and robust stamped steel construction.




• Due to optimized gearing and improved bearings in the housing cover a minimum effort is required to operate the short hand lever.

• Steel hand wheel as standard with all capacities including the 3 ton lever chain hoist.

• Automatic screw-and-disc type load brake with corrosion protected components.

• Standard free chaining device to quickly attach the load or to pull the chain through the hoist in both directions.

• Robust chain guide rollers eliminate fouling and jamming of chain on the load sheave – standard with all versions including the 3 ton lever chain hoist.

• Sturdy bottom block with encapsulated bolt connections

• Alloyed steel link chain with zinc-plated resp. Yellow chromated finish, in accordance with national and international standards and regulations.

• Drop forged suspension and load hooks are made from non-aging, high tensile steel and fitted with robust safety latches.

  • 5 ton lever chain hoist versions are generally not manufactured. A 6 ton lever hoist is required if you wish to lift 5 tons.


• Stainless steel load chains.


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Please note: a 5 ton lever chain hoist not exist, if you require a lifting capacity of 5 ton you will either require a 6 ton lever hoist or a 5 ton chain block.

Model Working load limit


Falls of load chain Chain dimensions


Closed height


Weight at standard 1.5m height of lift


Unoplus 750 750 1 6 x 18 350 7.2
Unoplus 1500 1500 1 8 x 24 420 12.5
Unoplus 3000 3000 1 10 x 30 520 21.5
Unoplus 6000 6000 2 10 x 30 700 32