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Chain Blocks (Manual Chain Hoist)

Our extensive range of chain blocks and manual chain hoists at Bishop are only sourced from quality manufacturers. We have always prided ourselves on supplying only equipment of the highest quality. All blocks and hoists we supply are fully compliant with BS EN 13157:2004 standards and are fully CE certified. We are proud to supply our own brand of chain blocks and lever hoists which are a very cost effective option for customers. We also supply chain hoists from other manufacturers such as Yale, Tiger Lifting and George Taylor. Yale in particular manufacture some of the highest performance and most innovative manual hoists available today.

Chain Blocks (Manual Chain Hoist)

A chain hoist is a lifting machine with an attached chain and hook. Chain blocks are also known as manual chain hoists and the term “chain hoist” can can be used to describe either a chain block or a lever hoist. A chain block ( Manual Chain Hoist) hangs off a fixed anchor point or a beam. The load to be lifted is affixed to the chain using the bottom hook of the chain block. To raise and lower the load, the operator pulls on the hand chain attached to the hoist.

The H.O.L, or height of lift of a manual chain hoist determines the height you can lift the attached load. A chain Block is generally supplied with 3 metres height of lift, meaning they can lift the load a maximum of 3 metres. Manual chain hoists can, however, be supplied with any height of lift up to a maximum of approximately 20 metres. Chain Blocks are rated to various safe working loads or S.W.Ls. At Bishop we supply chain blocks and lever hoists with Safe Working Loads ( Chain block capacity ) ranging from 250kg to 50,000kg. We only supply quality hoists from manufacturers such as Columbus Mckinnon.


Chain Hoists include chain blocks, lever hoists and electric hoists. Using a hoist can reduce the health and safety risks related to lifting provided the Chain Block Capacity is adequate for the load being lifted.


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