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Manual & Electric Hoists

Bishop provides an incredible variety of lifting hoists that are created using advanced technology as per the predefined industry standards. Load chain is compliant with EN 818-7 standards. With fantastic features like precision designs, corrosion resistance and simple installation, Bishop are lead the way in providing to quality equipment at competitive prices. Sturdiness, Strength and superior load chain make these lifting hoist a favourite choice for a range of heavy duty lifting needs.

Highest Quality Lifting Hoists From the Best Manufacturers

Bishop have lifting hoists in a variety of capacities and heights of lift, from 250kg to 50 tons. If you don’t see it we can still probably supply it. We work with the leading names of the industry to provide you with unparalleled services for your diverse lifting needs. Our team is dedicated to providing all of your hoist requirements exactly as outlined by the most important people, you, our customers.

What is a Chain Hoist?

The chain hoist can be seen as equipment to that is utilized to lift heavy loads, where a hook and chain are being attached.
There are 2 kinds of chain hoists provided by Bishop. These are,

  • Manual chain hoists,
  • and electric chain hoists.

Hoists allow the careful lifting and positioning of heavy loads and significantly reduce the risks associated with lifting. As long the attached load is well secured the chain hoist can be used to lift it as high as the height of lift of any given hoist allows. They can also comfortably carry a static load all day long if required.

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