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Lifting Eye Bolts Supplier in UK

Bishop is a distributor of multi-purpose tools and equipment serving different industries with a multitude of applications. An eyebolt is commonly used for day to day work, it is available in different sizes and threads as per the user’s demand. We are a well-known supplier of the lifting eye bolt UK and we never ignore the quality factor in our products. Our extended range of versatile equipment is categorised on the basis of their size and thread. Each lifting eyebolt we supply is quality-tested and extremely durable, meeting EN standards.

Several mechanical tasks are executed with the help of eye bolts and they are widely used in industries and construction sites for lifting weights. Their structure is designed respective to their type of load and weight. Generally it is easy to use eyebolts for hoisting loads.

Lifting Eye Bolts Products :

Lifting Eye bolts Instructions for the Safe Use

  • Inspect each eyebolt both before usage and before placing back into storage.
  • Always select the correct pattern eyebolt for the application at hand.

A Huge Variety of Eyebolts

At Bishop, we supply a variety of eyebolts such as collared, screwfix, dynamo, and DIN580 types. We also provide oval, egg and reevable egg shaped links with these lifting eye bolts. They are light and safe for continuous use. If the lifting eyebolt you are looking for is not featured on our website then please get in touch as we can almost certainly supply it.

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Here at Bishop we endeavour to give our customers the best possible value for money. With that in mind if you have received a quote elsewhere and want to see if we do better then contact us on 02920 465988 or e-mail and we will do our best to beat it.

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