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Lifting Clamps

At Bishop, we supply a vast variety of lifting clamps from leading manufacturers such as Camlok and Renfroe. The product range which we offer, complies with BS EN standards and all products come with EC declarations of conformity.

Lifting Clamps

A Lifting clamp is a versatile tool, suitable (depending on the model) for vertical and horizontal lifting applications. They come in standard and heavy duty versions, often utilizing locks for added safety. When it comes to a lifting clamp there is undoubtedly a model available to suit any application such as a vertical lift with 90 degree side pull, others allow for a 180 degree turning of the load. A clamp is available which cater for almost any requirement including: clamps with wide jaws, ones designed specifically for stacking beams and other structural shapes, others which allow for the positioning of prefabricated sections and some even allow for the transportation of angles in fabrication and erection of steel, A Beam clamp is also a useful tool. It safely attaches to a runway beam or lifting beam, creating an anchor point with which to secure, raise or lower a load (usually used in conjunction with a manual chain block, ratchet lever hoist or a hook suspension electric hoist).

Renfroe and Camlok Lifting Clamps

We are proud suppliers of Renfroe and Camlok lifting clamp. Both Renfroe and Camlok clamps can undoubtedly supply the lifting solution you require. Camlok clamps are very reasonably priced and will fulfill the majority of lifting needs which require a clamp. Renfroe are able to provide a clamp to suit even the most obscure lifting requirements and are manufactured to the most demanding of standards.

Make Bishop the ultimate destination for all your clamping needs. Using  J.C.Renfroe & Sons and Camlok lifting clamps ensures that even the most stringent safety and quality standards are met. Contact us to choose from our hugely diverse range, you can be sure we can supply the perfect clamp to suit your requirements. You can view our range of Renfroe clamps here.

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