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Hire Lifting Spreader Beam

Spreader Beam Hire in UK

Lifting heavy machinery and loads is a tough task but can be made easier by spreader beam hire from us. There are extensive varieties of Caldwell Dura-Lite lifting & spreader beams available online at Bishop. We supply adjustable and durable beam designs & spreader bars compliant with various international standards. They are reliable for loading or lifting loads including bundles, cylinders, rolls, and machinery. We are the only supplier of Caldwell Dura-Lite lifting spreader beams in the UK and we maintain mandatory quality standards with every product.

Significant Features of Caldwell Lifting Spreader Beams

  • Light and rust-proof body with standardised capacities range from 1/4 ton to 3 tons. They can be used for multiple purposes including use in testing stealth designs.
  • These Caldwell Dura-Lite lifting beam designs and spreaders are non- conductive in nature and non-corrosive.
  • The body and structure of these multipurpose beams are designed using advanced technology. They are capable of performing 200 lifts per day for more than 30 years having been fatigue tested to over 2 million cycles.
  • CQuality and durability are always assured with these spreader & lifting beams. Several rigorous tests have been performed on these Caldwell Dura-Lite spreaders & custom Beams.
  • They are impact resistant and can be used for a variety of different lifting applications. Custom beams can also be manufactured upon request.

Variety of Spreader Beam Designs

  • Caldwell Dura-Lite lifting and spreader beams feature the toughest structure and highest power to weight ratio of any lifting beam on the market.
  • Designed with the advanced technology, Dura-Lite lifting beams are half the weight of their steel equivalents.
  • Dura-Lite beams are widely used in the industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Marine and Utilities.
  • They have undergone several external and internal tests including third-party cycle tests, environmental tests, and destructive tests.

Take a Glimpse at Dura-Lite Lifting Beam Designs

Recently, the US Navy has used Caldwell Dura-Lite beams for testing drones. As they are not detected by radar and are light, non-conductive and non corrosive as well. Moreover, The Caldwell Group designs a huge range of lifting beam products, all of which are exclusively available in the UK through Bishop. All these lifting products are tested in Caldwell’s new 84,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.

Hire Reliable Caldwell Dura-Lite Spreader Beams UK

For the safety and protection of the user, these spreaders & lifting beams are exceptionally light, helping reduce the risk of injury to the operator. This lightness also increases the duty rating of cranes and hoists which make use of the Dura-Lite. At Bishop, custom Caldwell Dura-Lite lifting beam designs are available to suit customers’ bespoke requirements. You can also do spreader beam hire for your specific lifting practices.

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