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Wire Rope Grips

Wire Rope Grips for the Safest Load Suspension

Bishop supply durable, exceptional quality tools for hoisting or lifting loads. Extended wire rope grips are available in several varieties and sizes. These wire holding grips are very light and easy to use and can be assembled without using another tool. A wire rope clip is predominantly used for securing the end of steel made wires and for shortening their lengths.

These durable grips are highly efficient and capable of bearing static loads as well. Perfectly designed in a U-shape and fitted precisely for suspending the desired load. For continuous usage and prolonged safety, these forged rope grips feature tensile steel casting attached with steel bolts.

Uses and Characteristics of Steel Wire Rope Grip

  • A device used for suspending and joining two wires which are fixed with the help of bolts. They are ductile in nature but secured for holding static loads. The diameter and length of the rope can differ and thus, the size of these wire rope grips may vary.
  • As the wire is inserted through these multipurpose rope grips, they are specifically designed to counterbalance the tension and downward force. They are hard, durable and more robust than the rope itself.
  • The self-locking wire rope grip features zinc metal body with locking wedge and spring. The range of wire joining gripples are non-corrosive in nature and used for securing open-ended steel wire with safety.
  • User-friendly wire rope clamps with electro-galvanised finish and factory-made bolts for the secure tightening of wire.

Adjustable Wire Rope Grips For Sale

Bishop is a well-known supplier of wire rope grips fittings which are of high quality. The wire rope grip sizes vary, with a full range available to purchase from Bishop.

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