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Stainless Steel Shackles & Eye Bolts

Stainless Steel Shackles & Eye Bolts : Hardware Equipments

Bishop provide a complete spectrum of stainless steel components including stainless steel shackles and stainless steel eye bolts. These products are designed for user assistance while carrying out multiple hoisting, lifting, holding and towing tasks. The shapes and sizes of these tough yet smooth stainless steel shackles may vary according to the usage and weight of the load.

With our stainless steel eye bolts lifting and shackles and, the safety of the user is never neglected. We only supply the highest quality stainless steel products from leading manufacturers such as Pewag and Cromox.

Features of Our Stainless Steel Hardware

Strong and noncorrosive: These durable stainless steel shackles & eyebolts are brilliantly designed for continuous usage even after regular exposure to moisture. Water, air, and temperature are the most usual reasons for corrosion but our stainless steel components perform exceptionally when exposed to these conditions.

Safe and reliable: There are various tasks which are hazardous without proper safety measures and for eliminating every possibility leading to disastrous accidents. The user can rely on these stainless steel products for their lifting and hoisting needs.

Stainless Steel Shackles & Eyebolts For Heavy Duty Applications

Our stainless steel products are of exceptional quality and designed for both external and internal usage. Moreover, these stainless steel items come complete with all legally required documentation.

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