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Bishop Provide An Ideal Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Strength with durability is ensured with every product available at Bishop. We supply powerful hydraulic bottle jacks which are light and portable. A jack is a mechanical device designed to lift different types of load with various capacities available. These bottle jacks are fully efficient for lifting heavy loads with the use of hydraulics. Although there is a wide range of lifting hydraulic jacks On the market you can be sure that at Bishop we only supply products of the highest quality which fully conform to BS EN standards.

At Bishop, safety and convenience are always a priority and as such we only distribute the best quality products for our clients. Among the variety of adjustable bottle jacks, we provide Hydraulic toe jacks and Aluminium jacks. These jacks are user-friendly and durable in nature. From industries to homes, a versatile bottle jack is used for several purposes like lifting loads for excavators, forklifts or common lifts and repairing cars. A tough, durable bottle jack can be used easily with the use of hydraulics.

Features and Functionalities of Hydraulic Bottle Jack

  • A hydraulic toe jack functions due to the action of upward force and they are predominantly used in locations where space is an issue. Capacities range from 3 ton to 10 tons, useful for safely lifting very heavy equipment. They are easy to use and attach to a pump piston.
  • On the other hand, a jack with plain pistons or lifting claws features a high lifting capacity of up to 100 ton. They are light and come with an overload protection valve.

Multi-Purpose Bottle Jacks

We provide high-quality bottle jacks in both hydraulic and mechanical type. They are sourced from the quality brands like Yale and Steerman. The design and structure of these versatile jacks make them ideal for lifting the desired load.

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