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GGY/A Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Kit

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Key Features:

  • Different size Gauges available
  • Adaptors available – check technical specifications section below.
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GGY/A Hydraulic Pressure Gauge kit

Pressure Gauges Model GGY

The use of pressure gauges is recommended when the operating pressure (the force of the connected cylinder) should be monitored. A Yale Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Kit is equipped with a stainless steel housing with an acrylic plastic face cover plate. To absorb pressure shocks the gauges are glycerine-filled, contributing to a long service life. When fitted to a motor pump, the pointer will stay jitter free. For the calculation of applied cylinder forces corresponding converting charts (pressure vs. force) can be supplied for all Yale hydraulic cylinders free of charge. Let us know if you require these upon placing your order.

Pressure Gauge Model GYA

Consisting of pressure gauge GGY-632 (diameter Ø 63 mm, glycerine-damped) and corresponding gauge adaptor. This pressure gauge set is suitable for connection to all HPS hand pumps. Assembled ready to use, compact design with 45° inclination for easy reading.

Pressure Gauge Adaptor Model GA

Gauge connection with sleeve nut and 30° inclination for easy reading. Suitable for all hand pumps series HPS.

Pressure Gauge Model GA

For double-acting hand pumps model HPH, for mounting between 4/2-directional valve and hand pump.


• Advantage: shows both the pushing force and the
pulling force of the connected hydraulic cylinder.

• 30° inclination for easy reading.

• Pressureless return line by means of telescopic double



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Model Description Dia. mm Range Bar Oil Port
GGY-631 Pressure Gauge 63 0-1000 G1/4
GGY-1001 Pressure Gauge 100 0-1000 G1/2
GYA-63 Pressure Gauge Set 63 0-1000 G1/2
GA-701 Pressure Gauge Adapt. N/A N/A G1/2
GA-703 Pressure Gauge Adapt. Set N/A N/A G1/2