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Push Trolleys

Bishop is a global supplier of high quality durable push trolleys. They are commonly used for transporting loads without any strain. Push trolleys are suitable for use on beams and a multitude of different loads can be transported using them. Keeping safety at the priority, the load attached to push trolleys should not exceed the working load limit of the trolley.

Push trolleys are specially designed for shifting heavy loads and are easy to handle. They are adjustable and can fit around beam of differing widths. The load can either be suspended directly from the trolley or chain blocks/lever hoists can be attached to the trolley.

Some Remarkable Features of Push Trolley

  • It features easy run oversize wheels which are smooth and supportive.
  • Simple to use and lightweight.
  • Adjustable design for maximum flexibility.
  • Offers the user a convenient way to transport a load. Particularly useful for workshops and warehouses.
  • They are one design but trolleys are also available with gears operated by hand chain.
  • Each trolley comes complete with EC declarations of conformity and complies fully with BS EN 13157.

Push Trolley Helps to Transport Every Load with Ease

At Bishop, we are completely dedicated to providing the best quality products, this included our push trolleys. All lifting and safety products are available from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including Yale. We also offer our own brand of trolleys which again meets all the stringent regulatory requirements of BS EN 13157.

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