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Webbing Slings – BS EN 1492-1

Webbing Slings

Webbing slings are basically flat in appearance and composed of synthetic and woven fabric. They are supplied by Bishop where only slings of the utmost quality, flexibility, durability and strength are provided. The webbing sling which we deliver meets all EN specifications and have a safety factor of 7:1.

Webbing slings are suitable for lifting highly polished surfaces without the risks of marring which occurs when using chain. They carry a broad bearing surface to safeguard the load which is to be lifted. A Webbing sling is a cost effective solution to lots of lifting needs. For better support, webbing slings can be manufactured to incorporate hooks.

What Does Bishop’s Range Include?

  • Our webbing slings can be used in a wide variety of manners to suit many different kinds of lifts.
  • They offer a useful alternative to chain where Marring must be avoided.
  • Made with the polyester our slings are extremely lightweight yet strong.
  • The range of webbing slings which we offer comprises Duplex Polyester Webbing Slings, ranging from 1ton to 20 ton.
  • Each product has an attached label of working load limits and comes with all certification.

Enjoy High Quality Lifting Straps

At Bishop, we provide high quality lifting straps throughout the UK. We possess a wide range of lifting straps available in multiple varieties. A lifting strap can also be ordered to custom requirements, a service we provide for our customers on a regular basis

Bishop is a one stop solution for all of your webbing and round sling requirements. All products fully comply with BS EN 1492-1 standards.

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