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Round Slings & Lifting Strops – BS EN 1492-2

Round Slings: Buy Polyester Endless Round Sling(1 ton – 12 ton) Capacity

Round Slings are preferred for carrying heavy loads, specially those exceeding 6 tonnes. Our product range conforms fully with BS EN standards. The sling range which we offer at Bishop comprises Polyester Endless Round Slings starting from 1 ton and available up to 12 ton. The EWL, i.e effective working length of these slings varies depending on customer requirements. The round sling range which we carry, has a safety factor of 7:1.

Lifting Strops: Get High Quality Custom Lifting Strops

We can also provide custom lifting strops. We can have slings manufactured to customers bespoke length and working load requirements. Our custom slings are of the same high quality as the slings we have in stock. We have sourced all of our products with safety being put first so you can count on the superior quality of round slings provided by Bishop.

Round Slings Structure:

Round slings are quite light in weight and flexible, making them suitable for multiple applications. They allow for easy and quick manipulation even when fragile loads are being lifted. Technically, they are a continuous loop made of polyester yarn enclosed within a polyester or nylon fabric sleeve.

The basic purpose of constructing this sleeve is to protect the yarn filament. It also ensures durability and security of products while lifting heavy loads. The higher strength to load ratio of the round slings available at Bishop equates to lightweight lifting solutions.

The polyester yarn fiber being used in these slings serves to support against damage and minimize slipping. Excellent if you are lifting products where marring must be avoided e.g yachts.

The round sling variety in our store varies. We can supply slings from 1 ton to 20 tons working load limit with most lengths also available off the shelf.

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