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Chain Slings

Get Superior Quality Chain Slings in UK

The chain slings which we offer at Bishop are compliant with BS EN standards and utilize only quality components. The standard slings we use are Grade 80 and Grade 100. The appropriate choice can be made as per your lifting needs. The number of legs in a ling, its safe working load, composition (both stainless steel or standard) and components can be altered to suit customer requirements.

Chain Sling Configuration

Chain Slings are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 legs or even in endless form. In practice, chain and fibre rope slings are available in any of these configurations. The maximum amount of load which a sling can lift in use is in accordance with the grade and diameter of the chain and it’s configuration.

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How to Make the Best Use of Chain Slings

Slings must be stored and handled with care by following safe slinging practices. They can be fitted in such a manner so that they can be protected from sharp edges. Moreover, the correct mode factor must be applied. Chain slings and accessories should be inspected before using and before placing them into storage.

The chain sling must be optimized for the specific need in terms of both strength and length, to suit the load an appropriate slinging method should be employed. Moreover, while adjusting the leg length, a sling with chain shortening clutches should be selected.

When Multi-leg chains are used, the angle used must be related directly to the mode factor.

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At Bishop, we have large stocks of heavy-duty lifting chains and slings. The slings we use are suitable for a variety of purposes. Chain slings are highly customizable and we have a vast range of associated chain components in stock, guaranteeing we have can assembly the chain you need.

Use our Sling App

Our recent Sling app is of great help to choose the perfect sling for your lifting needs.

They can be configured using the following steps:

  1. Choose ‘Try our app’ and create an account without charge.
  2. Set up the chain sling after which a price along with an image of the selected chain will be displayed.
  3. Click the ‘request a quote’ button which will automatically email you your quotation with sling image.

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