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Manual Lever Hoists

Bishop delivers the highest quality manual lever hoists with corrosion resistant load chain on our own range. Our own range of lever hoists have a higher power to weight ratio than many of the other top brands. We supply products from quality manufacturers such as Yale.

A Lever Hoist is equipment with an attached hook and load chain. All of our hoists come with load chain fully compliant with EN 818-7. The load to be lifted is affixed to the chain using the hook. It lifts up to some fixed anchor point or a beam. The height of lift or H.O.L of a chain hoist is determined by the length of chain attached. Manual hoists indicate clearly the working load limit, this should never be exceeded.

Ratchet Lever Hoist : Bishop’s Own Range Of Ratchet & Manual Hoist

Our own range of ratchet lever hoists have load chain with a nickel/zinc coating, this allows greater corrosion resistance that most other load chain with is a standard galvanized finish. Our aim in manufacturing our own chain blocks and lever hosts was to bring to market products with a superior power to weight ratio and better load chain which would in turn increase the lifespan of the product. The results are quality products without the high price tag.

Ratchet hoists can be designed for both light and heavy duty applications along with off-shore and sub-sea applications. Explore our wide range lever hoist equipment to decide the most suitable model as per your budget and lifting application.

Please Note: Unlike the vast majority of hoists on the market which use poor quality Chinese chain, all of the manual hoists we supply have load chain that is fully compliant with EN standards.

Worldwide Shipping Available!!

Bishop have extensive experience in exporting lifting equipment and can ship worldwide.


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