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Chain Blocks & Manual Chain Hoist

Our extensive range of chain blocks and manual chain hoists at Bishop are only sourced from quality manufacturers. We have always prided ourselves on supplying only quality equipment and with that in mind we are proud to have launched our own range of chain block. Bishop’s BL-C1 block has a higher power to weight ratio compared to other hoists available on the market. All blocks and hoists are fully compliant with BS EN 818-7 standards and the BL-C1 comes with zinc/nickel load chain. This feature extends the lifespan of the hoists by providing a greater degree of corrosion resistance compared to conventional galvanized load chain.

Note: All of the chain hoists we supply at Bishop come with load chain fully compliant with EN standards unlike the majority of chain blocks available on the market which use inferior Chinese chain.

A chain hoist is a product with an attached chain and hook. It allows hangs off a fixed anchor point or a beam. Here, the load to be lifted is affixed to the chain using the hook. The H.O.L, or height of lift of a manual chain hoist can be calculated by the length of the attached chain. Chain hoists are rated to various safe working loads or S.W.Ls. Hoists include chain blocks, lever hoists and electric hoists. Using a hoist can reduce the health and safety risks related to lifting.

We have a vast range of lifting equipment so many of the products that we offer do not appear on the site. Bishop is an authorized distributor of brands like Yale, Crosby, Tractel, Stahl, Renfroe, William Hackett, Columbus Mckinnon and Caldwell. If you require any alternatives to these brands, then kindly contact our professional sales team who will be delighted to assist you.

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