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Electric Scaffold Hoist ( Scaffold Winch )

All of the Scaffold Hoists supplied by Bishop are fully compliant with EN 14492:2 and come with full CE certification.

Electric Scaffold Hoist : Scaffold Winch

A Warrior Electric Scaffold hoist ( Scaffold Winch ) leads the field in design and performance for the professional customer.

The simple Suspending style with key interlock protection hook allows easy installation and safe working. A scaffold hoist is suspended directly from scaffolding and allows the user to raise and lower loads with ease. New auto rope winding and direction exchange device allows you to align the rope safely increasing the life of the rope significantly. High strength carbon construction, powder coated finish ensures maximum durability.

The scaffold hoist conforms to EN 14492:2 utilising a dynamic brake design for both static and dynamic loading with upper and lower limit switches. Thermal overload protection on the motor as standard.

Optional Wireless Remote System available.
Available in 110v ,240v and 220v for the EU market.

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Bishop also supply an excellent range of electric chain hoists.


Scaffold Hoist

Unique design and elegant shape.

Scaffold Hoist

Suspending style with protection hook allows for convenient and reliable mounting.

Scaffold Hoist

The unique automatic rope winding system lines up the steel rope with no mess and increases the lifespan of the rope.

Scaffold Hoist

Special rope drum for a maximum of 40m steel rope. Extension steel rope is available.

Scaffold Hoist

Easily change the steel rope without needing to disassemble.

Scaffold Hoist

The Pulley Hook allows double lifting capacity.

Scaffold Hoist

The Up & Down limiting device meets European Standard EN-14492-2:2006

Scaffold Hoist

New designed bearing system allows free rotating of the cable drum and increases the lifetime of the hoist.

Scaffold Hoist

Easily lubricate via the grease nipple.

Scaffold Hoist

Interlock Safety protection

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