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Electric Chain Hoists

Our fantastic range of Eeectric chain hoists is offered by Columbus Mckinnon and Stahl. Yale’s extensive variety of unmatched quality hoists is also supplied. We provide amazing discounts on our entire range of electric hoists including industry leading prices on the Yale Cps electric chain hoist.

Electric Chain Hoist Suitable for Lifting Heavy Materials

Our range of electric chain hoists easily hook to scaffolding and allow the task of lifting building materials task simple when lifting between floors or to upper storeys and roofs. They are perfect for attaching to beams and scaffolding, sometimes requiring an accompanying beam clamp or trolley. Moreover, chain hoists are manufactured with a guide, ensuring a flawless lift.

Tough loads like building materials and heavy engines are easily lifted to their intended locations. For this purpose, electric hoists are the perfect choice. They are of a solid steel construction with a powder coating to help prevent corrosion and ensure an aesthetically pleasing finish. Powder coated products also possess excellent scratch resistance. For both static and dynamic loading, these hoist come complete with internal brakes. Some hoists have an externally adjustable slip clutch creating a connection between the brake and the load.

Electric Scaffold Hoist

Scaffold hoists are very versatile pieces of lifting equipment which are used in several industries. Scaffolding wire rope hoists are those hoists that are made specifically for lifting building materials and tools from the ground to the working area above. Scaffold hoists are the perfect choice for building sites and are also known as wire rope lifting hoist. They are suitable for outdoor use and equipped with a bracket and clasps which can be attached to a scaffold tower.

Scaffold hoists possess fast lifting speed and usually have an extended height of lift to help reach your working platform from the floor. Lifting speed is crucial to saving time and money.

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If you want a product which you do not see listed then simply call us on 029 2046 5988 or send an email to Our hospitable sales staff will be delighted to help you. Bishop have the right electric chain hoists for all your lifting needs no matter what Working Load Limit, i.e WLL.

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