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Girder Beam Clamps

High quality beam clamps or girder clamps supplied by Bishop have the capacity to lift items of various capacities. These high strength products can be attached to multiple beams to assure the utmost support and safety. They serve a vast array of industrial purposes across many areas where heavy materials need to be handled.

Also known as Girder clamps, these items are quite simple to carry as they can be fitted or removed in seconds. With a remarkable safety factor and expandable flange widths, they are also available in a range of capacities. They come complete with a swivel jaw, low headroom, anchor point and side loading options.

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Beam Clamps: An Array of Different Girder Beam Clamps

  • The varied range of clamps in our store comprises types such as standard clamps, swivel jaw clamps, reinforced clamps and angled clamps along with an incorporated shackle clamp.
  • With different specifications, some of the beam clamps can be easily fixed to a steel beam and produce a sturdy anchor point. They also carry a mandatory lifting eye to allow easy attachment to other lifting products.
  • Likewise, a beam clamp has screw attachments to allow easy fitting to a beam, and are suitable for a range of beam sizes.
    Beam clamps serve a variety of operations incorporating a screwed spindle to allow easy beam attachment.

Wide Range of Adjustable Beam Clamps

We only include the most trusted brand names to offer reliable beam clamp products to our valued customers. Browse through a range clamp products on our online store. Safety and reliability are of paramount importance and are a standard requirements with every product we deliver.

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