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Vertical Roof Fall Arrest System

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Vertical Roof Fall Arrest System.

KS 8000 vertical roof fall arrest system UK stock levels are usually high. This usually enables quick dispatch on this product. This system is an integrated all arrest solution made of a vertical aluminium alloy guide rail over which glides a guided-type fall arrest trolley. Fixed on a ladder and remaining on a structure, it allows the user to climb and descend without having to perform any manipulation.


Model KS 9000

The system is suitable for:

  • Ladders
  • Chimneys.
  • Windmills.
  • Transmission lines.
  • Advertisement billboards.

The sliding fall arrester is stainless steel, the Trolley comes with a steel screw-locking karabiner for connecting to the user’s harness. It has a non-inverting system to prevent installing the device upside down on the anchor line. In the event of a fall, the trolley immediately locks over the Rail, thus arresting the fall. The top and bottom extremities of the rail are equipped with a manual spring lock preventing the Trolley from accidentally moving out of the rail. The complete system comes with an installation guide Kratos Installation Guide KS 8000-KS 9000.


The KS 9000 vertical system is composed of the following elements:

  1. FA 20 701 00Aluminium Top Extension -> Curved at the level of the ladder end over the working platform, allowing the user to be connected to the Trolley even at the termination of the ladder, ensuring complete safety.
  2. FA 20 702 01Aluminium Rail Intermediate: Length: 3m.
  3. FA 20 700 00Vertical Trolley -> Stainless steel (316) Trolley with 4 Brass wheels, providing frictionless movement. Has a unique non-inverting system to prevent installing the device upside down on the anchor line. Has a unidirectional locking system to prevent the Trolley from sliding down the rail when not in use.
  4. FA 50 101 17Steel Screw-locking Karabiner -> opening gate 17mm. Used for connecting the user’s harness to the Trolley.
    Breaking Strength > 25 kN.
  5. FA 20 706 00: Mounting Bracket -> Helps to clamp the Ladder System onto the underlying structure. Material: Stainless Steel (316).
  6. FA 20 704 00Junction -> Used for connecting 2 rails together. Stainless Steel (316).
  7. FA 20 703 00Aluminium Rail Extremity -> Equipped with a manual spring lock that prevents the Trolley from accidentally moving out of the rail. Length: 3m.
  8. FA 20 707 00Ladder Rung Assembly -> One ladder rung comes with 2 pcs of fasteners. Material: Galvanised Steel.
  9. FA 20 708 00Mounting Nut -> Used for connecting the rail to the mounting bracket. Material: Stainless Steel (316).

Conforms to EN 353-1:2014.

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For more information on the Kratos Vertical Fall Arrest Sytem please visit https://kratossafety.com/en/sliding-fall-arresters/424-ks9000-system.html


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