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Fall Arrest Blocks

Bishop is a well known supplier of fall arrest blocks. With durable finish and tough structure, they are capable of controlling the downward velocity of a falling person. Our wide range of safety products includes lanyards and safety harnesses. Each and every product is fully certified to the relevant safety standard. From the brands like Yale and IKAR, we ensure the highest level of safety, allowing for a reduction form the dangers of working at height.

Features Including in Fall Arrest Blocks

  • Designed especially for the usual fall and braking mechanism that takes place instantly.
  • A Yale fall arrest block from Bishop is fitted with a fall indicator as standard.
  • The casing of a fall arrest block may vary. Some have a metal body whilst others are made of hardened plastic.
  • Some blocks are capable of raising the person as well as lowering them.
  • Light weight for easy carrying, they are designed for regular usage and non-corrosive in nature.

Fall Arrest Blocks Eliminate the Risk of Sudden Free Fall

We are the distributors for a variety of fall arrest block manufacturers so you can rest assured we can supply the block which best suits your budget and requirements. Bishop offer a huge variety of industrial equipment, they are manufactured in compact sizes and carry different load bearing capabilities. Their approximate length may range from 3 metres to 65 metres.

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