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Height Safety Equipment

Harness and Lanyard:

Bishop supply a huge range of safety equipment(harness and lanyard, fall restraint harness) helping to minimize the risks of working at height. Quality is important to us so we only supply equipment from the best manufacturers in the field of height safety. Your safety is our priority and as such our height safety equipment is provided by manufacturers such as Yale, Ridgegear, Kratos and IKAR.

Fall Restraint Safety Harness and Lanyard

All Bishop components are supplied complete with certification and all legally required documentation.

Please take note that when working at height the Working at Height Regulations 2005 are applicable.


Our lanyards help prevent accidents happening to those who are working at height. Designed for attachment to a safety harness, fall arrest lanyards will arrest a fall from height, should one occur. Restraint lanyards prevent a fall from occurring in the first place. Our lanyards are available in a variety of lengths up to 2 metres.

Fall Restraint Harnesses

Our safety harnesses help reduce the risks associated with working at height. Bishop’s harnesses are manufactured by quality manufacturers in Ridgegear and Yale, ensuring your safety.

Fall Arrest Blocks

Fall arrest blocks arrest a fall once one has occurred. Bishop’s fall arrest blocks are supplied by Yale and IKAR. Available lengths vary from 3 metres up to 65 metres.

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