Spreader Beam
Spreader Beam

Forkllift Mounted Spreader Beam

Available in models:  

SPB-1 (up to 2000mm) and

SPB-2 (up to 2000mm)


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Forklift Mounted Spreader Beam

The forklift spreader beam is the ideal attachment whilst utilising your forklift truck to allow wide or long awkward loads to be handled safely.

Simply fitted onto the forks of the lift truck, with heel pin retention for safety, we can manufacture the forklift spreader beam, tailored to suit your particular application, to any width and any capacity.

The forklift spreader beam will come supplied with high quality hooks and shackles, and like all our forklift attachment, comes fully tested and certified to comply with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.


N.B. Lifting slings can also be supplied on request

Our range of spreader beams consist of two main options, fork mounted and crane slung. Each beam is manufactured specifically to your requirements from S275 mild steel, and comes as standard with a swivel sling hook fitted on each end of suitable capacity. Our spreader beams are the perfect attachment when handling long or wide loads that are un-palletised. Ideal for loading and un-loading lorry beds, or lifting machine tools for maintenance tasks, our range of spreader beams have a wide range of applications. Additional lifting points can be added upon request ensuring your beam is exactly suited to your requirements, with lifting chains or additional lifting accessories also available if required.


Main Features

• Custom designed to ensure the correct beam width and capacity for handling specific wide loads safely

• Large fork pockets to allow for quick changeover from wide loading handling to pallet handling

• High quality lifting hooks and shackles

• Simple robust design offering low maintenance costs and long service life properties

• Heel pin retention to forklift forks ensures the spreader beam is securely fitted to the lift truck

• ‘CE’ marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity for Health & Safety Regulations


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Model Ref. Capacity (Kg) Beam Width (mm) Length (mm) Hooks/Shackles
FM-SPB-1-2000 1000 2000 500 Yes
FM-SPB-2-2000 2000 2000 500 Yes