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Bishop's Lifting Equipment Store

Bishop, being a full LEEA member, has been supplying lifting equipment worldwide for the last 33 years. Bishop has it all from eyebolts to cranes as per your specific demand. We deliver a range of quality lifting equipment that you can buy online in a few clicks along with a comprehensive hire service.

We welcome your enquiries to assist you in your range of lifting needs. The variety of services we offer ranges from hiring, testing, inspection, design and even manufacturing. Get in touch today to learn how we can assist you.


An Array Of Lifting Gear Products To Enable Lifting Safety

As a reliable lifting equipment store, we believe in quality lifting equipment supplies and provide you with an array of lifting gear product options. We have the most comprehensive and professionally designed industrial lifting equipment in stock that ensures safety lifting across multiple applications.


Safety Lifting Gear With Bishop

All the equipment we supply is assured for lifting safety and we take into consideration that it must be suitable for the specific task, should be labelled properly and must be subject to thorough inspection at fixed time intervals. Our main aim is to provide the highest quality lifting equipment to our clients. Safety in lifting gear products is crucial to ensure a safe, hassle free lifting process.


Get Best Quality Industrial Lifting Equipment From Us

Our lifting equipment store delivers great choice to users in a well-structured manner via easy navigation. It gives visitors the ease to shop industrial lifting equipment as per their requisites and the buying options are configured effortlessly. The user does not need much technical knowledge.


Feel Free To Shop At Our Lifting Gear Online Showroom

We heartily welcome you to ask about any of the queries you may have. At our lifting equipment store, our team of advisors will answer your questions. Our affordable price range, efficient customer service, and flexible, multi-faceted staff make Bishop an effective one stop solution for all of your lifting equipment needs.


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